Indica (Remastered)

by Heavy moTh

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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Excellent release from UK band Heavy MoTh, for fans of ' the swagger ' has a Dopesmoker ( the band ) vibe .... Love it !!! Favorite track: Take me home.
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Heavy psych-stoner doom rock.


released December 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Heavy moTh England, UK

High as a kite and as fuzzed out as it gets. From darkest Devon, UK.

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Track Name: Drown
and as i came through, into the eyes of it all, opening, your light lets in, the sea comes down, I won't drown
inside it all light died today
bring it here, break it's heart, stolen life, confused and breathing
open up the door, blue, green and brown, souls of the lost, consequences found
spirits come, of today, and gone again, away
letting the flood fall own, take off this and drown
Track Name: Indica
she's always waiting there for me, she always heals me so lovingly, open up the urn and breathe in deep, grey becomes colour without sleep

Burn brightly my friend, constant in my life until the end

heating up the fibres, blow through, inflate the airship misty blue, breathing in the nature and heal, far beyond this world we all feel

Burn brightly my friend, constant in my life until the end

you have saved my mind so pure, treating this illness I endure, giving up your life to me, when we are together I am free

Burn brightly my friend, constant in my life until the end

inside my eyes you are, lifting inner vision so far, elevating sound-waves through space, separate yet connected human race
Track Name: To see the sun
and now they are crying for more war and dying, they have no soul, they have no soul
and now it starts
the end beginning
early we rise
to see the sun
the souls of those that come here, broken promises, in vain
welcome them in, we are friends, reparations we owe, and then we will go
reborn, no one out here, inside my mind it's clear, breathe in deep, don't go to sleep
Track Name: Wake (from your sleep)
come to me and we will be, only here nothing else, dreaming in, I am in my space, living here, leaving the race
Giving in, drinking down, empty glass, in this I drown, falling down, in this I drown
break it down, build it up, life returns, as she burns, freeing me, cutting these ties, letting me go, from all the lies
Light it up, Breathe in deep, welcome to life, wake from your sleep
Track Name: Take me home
sunlight, please come to me, out of the cld, out of the sea, giving, life and death, taking away, very last breath, seeing the sun, further from me, this is nearly done
Now that the world is away, down, no place to stay, thinking of those I love, miss me, all up above
watching, the took me home, people look, they did not know, really who, I tried to be, leaving, no more I will be
Track Name: Skin so thin
give me who you want me to be now and then we go
where are we now so far now we know
no we are going where we want without hesitation inside out we are love here in which we lay
So we belong here feeling is this the cure breaking your skin so thin ready now I don't know If I am only know this land and my home
this is where it ends for you I didn't want to leave you last thing I'd do maybe ashamed I am living with this I remain now you we all miss